• About Coach P.T.

    All Things Are Possible!

    Patricia (A.K.A Coach P.T.) is a passionate Certified Life Coach & Fitness Trainer who is dedicated to helping you pave the way to personal and physical prosperity. She combines life coaching, personal training and practical living techniques to help her clients make monumental shifts in their lives. 

    Patricia has nearly two decades of fitness industry experience and has always been known to be both supportive and understanding. Moreover, she holds several degrees including two master’s degrees, as well as her life coaching and fitness training certifications.

    Although Patricia has had a very successful career, she also faced considerable hardship throughout her life. Patricia was diagnosed with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) from the childhood sexual abuse she endured.  Each and every day, she would put on a mask in fear of someone discovering her darkest secret. She was what people called the “Iceberg” model. To the world Patricia seemed very put together, but beneath the surface, she was dying inside, to the point of contemplating suicide. She was at her weakest point and new enough was enough! She received the helped she so direly needed through life coaching and fitness. Suddenly, she started to heal from the pain, and that pain turned into a life of cathartic freedom and joy. Thisis what she wants for her clients! More than anything. Together, you and Patricia will work through life’s countless stressors, rip off those masks, tear down those walls, and ensure you’re operating from a life that’s brimming with possibility.